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Erosion and Sediment Control documents for review

Implementing New Erosion and Sediment Control Guidelines and Specifications

We have been working on revisions to The City's erosion and sediment control (ESC) documents. Informed through stakeholder consultation, a review of past applications and best practices, these revisions are intended to:

  • better align the documents with industry best practices and regulations, and
  • improve readability and usability.

Recent stakeholder input

We recently sought input from stakeholders on The City’s draft ESC guidelines, field manual and specifications. Stakeholders offered common questions and concerns that were carefully reviewed and considered. An overview of these common questions, concerns, as well as corresponding responses is found here.We have also outlined revisions to the documents that have been made as a result of your input.

What’s Next?


The new ESC guidelines, field manual and specifications are now available and posted on this page in PDF format. They will be officially implemented and adopted starting July 1st, 2018. Customers can adopt the new specifications prior to this date. However, due to the integrated nature of the new application process, the customer must adopt all new requirements. Unless a customer chooses to adopt the new requirements early, ESC reviews will remain “as-is” until implementation starting July 1st.

Information sessions and workshops

Materials from January's field practitioner lunch and learn are now available:

Materials from February's workshop session are now available:


This document outlines the more significant changes between the 2011 documents and 2017 documents linked below:

Final documents

To support all ESC practitioners, we have revised and developed:

  • ESC Guidelines: a detailed guidelines document with example drawings and calculations.
  • Field Manual: a reference for use out on the field or on construction sites.
  • Standard Specifications: a document that outlines the legally binding details and regulatory requirements for each standard practice for design, installation, inspection, maintenance and removal (where applicable).
  • ESC Plan Application and Instruction Manual: a reference to support you during the ESC plan application process.