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Watersheds and rivers - Riverbank health

Our riverbanks and flood plains (also known as riparian corridors) are critical elements in the river landscape. Healthy riparian areas help reduce loss of land during floods, provide habitat for fish and wildlife, and enhance the overall quality of river water.

Healthy Riverbank
Deep-rooted native plants strengthen the riverbank, preventing erosion and loss of land. Great habitat is provided for fish and wildlife.


Healthy Riverbank, with problems
Native vegetation is starting to disappear, being replaced with bare soil. This riverbank is prone to washouts with floods and high water and provides minimal habitat for fish and wildlife.


Unhealthy Riverbank:
Exposed soil and lack of vegetation cover puts the riverbank and adjacent landowner property at great risk at all times of the year. Habitat has been lost for fish and wildlife.

Restoration work

Funding from the RBC Blue Water Project and The Province of Alberta’s Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program has allowed The City to initiate restoration work along the Bow and Elbow Rivers.

Each site is evaluated for rehabilitation work which may include planting native vegetation, bioengineering for riverbank resiliency, fish habitat enhancement and tree-wiring to prevent damage by wildlife or pests.