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85 Street N.W. Bow River bank restoration (North side)

In the June 2013 flood, portions of the bank along the Bow River suffered riverbank erosion. The current condition of the riverbank includes damage to pathway and failed erosion protection. The restoration of the riverbank will require removing the damaged erosion protection structure, replacing it with large rock and restoring the pathway.

About the project

Approximately 15 metres of riverbank is damaged. The construction site is located on the north bank of the Bow River directly under the 85 St/Nose Hill Drive N.W. bridge.

The failed erosion protection and damaged pathway will be removed. Large rock will be installed to stabilize the riverbank and the pathway will be repaired.

Construction will begin the week of March 30, 2015 and may take up to eight weeks.

Impact to citizens

The pathway under the 85 St N.W. bridge has been closed since the 2013 Flood. Some sections of the pathway west of 85 Street N.W. may be closed temporarily to allow for construction access. The temporary pathway closures and detours will be communicated through pathway signs and