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Bowcrest Park - Bow River bank restoration

An outfall located along the north bank of the Bow River at the south east corner of Bowcrest Park suffered damage. This project will repair the damaged outfall and stabilize the bank in the immediate area of the outfall using riprap (large stones) to protect it from further erosion.

About the project

Repairs to the outfall involve replacing the existing outfall structure, installing a back flood prevention gate, manhole and stabilizing the riverbank. The construction site is located within a maintained park space and fencing will be in place for the duration of this project.

Construction Duration:

Construction is expected to take two more weeks to complete as recent rain events as well as elevated water levels on the Bow River have caused delays in finishing this work. The construction, inclusive of landscaping, will occur between April 27 and May 14, 2016.

Impact to citizens

Access to the construction site will be from Bow Crescent N.W. Construction vehicles, equipment and a small lay-down area for supplies will occupy the maintained Parks area to the north of the outfall and will be fenced off for construction access only.

Work will be performed from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. for approximately 11 days, inclusive of landscaping. Equipment may be stored in the parking lanes adjacent to the Parks area. No other impacts to traffic are expected. The temporary staging area and access route will be restored to original condition.

Customers may also notice some noise and dust as construction material is delivered. Our contractor will abide to The City's standards for dust and noise control during the construction period. No pathway closures or detours will be required for this outfall repair.