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Christie Park Drainage Improvements

Project updates:

Earlier this summer, hydroseeding (a mix of mulch and grass seed) was applied in the newly constructed dry pond and adjacent areas that were disturbed during construction.

Due to the unusual hot weather and despite all the efforts, the grass in those areas failed to establish to the degree prescribed by project specifications. In order to prevent further disturbance, the contractor has been instructed to keep the construction fence in place until the end of October 2017.

At that time, we will assess the grass coverage condition and will determine if the area can be partially re-opened.

We apologize for such unforeseen inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.

Water Services would like to share information on an upcoming project to upgrade the storm drainage system in your ward. The City of Calgary conducted a city wide evaluation of developed communities and the Christie Park area (790.4 hectares draining to outfall G20C) was selected as the one of the targeted areas for drainage modification.

During the work, the City will:

  • Make local drainage improvements on Christie Park View S.W.
  • Improve the dry pond between Strathearn Crescent S.W. and Sarcee Trail
  • Install an Oil and Grit Separator (OGS) in the same area

Local drainage improvements in Christie Park View S.W.

Improvements include installing a 70 metre long, 2400 X 1800 mm concrete box as an underground storage chamber in Christie Park View S.W. This replaces the existing 70 metre long, 300 mm diameter storm sewer.

Volker Stevin Contracting will be completing drainage improvements for the City of Calgary. This work will require the full closure of Christie Park View S.W. and will impact street parking and driveway access. Please refer to Map #1 for the location of the closure.

We expect the work to take four weeks. The closure will begin April 10, 2017 and we anticipate it will be completed by May 8, 2017.

The work will also require turning off your water service for 5‐10 minutes to connect your house to a temporary water line. Volker Stevin representatives will notify you of the procedure as they build the temporary water lines.

After water service has been restored it is recommended that you run water through all your taps to clear any possible sediment and/or air.

Dry pond improvement between Strathearn Crescent S.W. and Sarcee Trail

The dry pond surface area needs to be enlarged by approximately 36 per cent and the dry pond bottom will need to be lowered two meters in order to minimize potential flooding.

Installing an Oil and Grit Separator (OGS)

An OGS is an underground pre-cast concrete structure that captures sediment, screens debris and separates oil from storm water runoff and snow melt. An OGS improves downstream water quality by preventing contaminants and sediments from entering our streams and rivers through the storm drainage network.

It also reduces the chance of flooding in your area due to sediment buildup and backups in the pipes, An OGS can also extend the life of a storm pond, eliminating costly pond dredging and accompanying construction.

Project timeline

  • Local drainage improvements on Christie Park View S.W. will take approximately six (6) weeks.
  • Dry pond improvement between Strathearn Crescent S.W. and Sarcee Trail will take approximately three (3) months.
  • Installing an Oil and Grit Separator (OGS) will take three approximately (3) months.

Construction impacts

  • Christie Park View S.W. will be closed during the six weeks of construction. Parking will be made available in the area for residents (see map 1 for details on how construction will affect certain areas of the neighbourhood).
  • During the dry pond improvements, a water valve will be installed in Strathearn Crescent S.W. and the water service will be disrupted for 30 units in Strathearn Crescent S.W. for an anticipated period of one day (see map 2). Notice will be provided to residents prior to this work.
  • 26 trees will be removed, yet be replaced by 400 plants on site.
  • During the dry pond improvements, the pathways will be closed in the area and a pathway detour will be implemented. For more information, please see pathway detours and closures.
  • Construction noise will be restricted to during work hours (7 a.m. to 7 p.m.).
  • Potential for one southbound lane of exit of Sarcee Trail to 17 Ave SW will be closed from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday to Friday while construction takes place. One lane will remain open.

Map 1: Local drainage improvements in Christie Park View S.W.

Christie Park View S.W. - Proposed service and access disruptions
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Map 2: Impacted areas due to dry pond improvement and installation of Oil and Grit Separator

Strathearn Crescent S.W. - Proposed service disruptions

Project information

Please contact 311 (24 hours a day, seven days a week) if you have any questions or concerns about this project.