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Christie Park Drainage Improvements


Water Services has continued their work to improve drainage in Christie Park. This work helps to mitigate overland flooding.

Project Next Steps

The Strathearn Crescent S.W. dry pond will be closed to the public from April until September. The closure will help newly planted grass to take root and grow.

Project Impacts

  • The off-leash dog park located at Strathcona Park and Christie Park will be partially closed near the bottom of the Strathearn dry pond.
  • Pathway access will remain open.
  • Dry pond area closed to the public.

Project Timeline

  • Local drainage improvements on Christie Park View S.W. will take approximately six weeks.
  • Dry pond improvements between Strathearn Crescent S.W. and Sarcee Trail will take approximately three months.
  • Installing an Oil and Grit Separator (OGS) will take three approximately three months.

Map of construction area

Christie Park Drainage Improvements 

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Completed Upgrades

  • Local drainage improvements were completed on Christie Park View S.W. which included the installation of a 70 metre long, 2400 x 1800 mm diameter concrete box as an underground storage chamber.
  • A 520 m berm system was installed at the east side of Sarcee Trail S.W. between 26 Avenue S.W. and 32 Avenue S.W. to prevent overland flooding of adjacent properties.
  • The dry pond surface located between Strathearn Crescent S.W. and Sarcee Trail S.W. was enlarged by 28 per cent and the dry pond bottom was lowered by two metres in order to minimize potential flooding.
  • Installation of an Oil and Grit Separator. An Oil and Grit Separator is an underground pre-cast concrete structure that captures sediment, screens debris and separates oil from storm water runoff and snowmelt. The Separator improves downstream water quality by preventing contaminants and sediments from entering our streams and rivers through the storm drainage network. It also reduces flooding in your area by preventing sediment buildup in pipes.

Project Information

If you have any questions or concerns related to this work, please call 311.