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Construction projects and upgrades

Construction on Calgary's water infrastructure ensures that it can meet the demands of a growing City, while also ensuring we are using the latest technology and knowledge to conserve and protect our water resources.

Current construction and upgrade projects are listed on the current projects page.

Water main information can be found in the water main breaks and repairs section.

If you are looking for more information about a construction project, repair, improvement or service being done by The City, visit Water Construction Inquiries to learn more about the work we do and the notices we send out.

Did you know - Calgary construction facts

If you combined Calgary's water, wastewater and storm water infrastructure and placed it end to end, it would reach Santiago, Chile, approximately 13,000 kilometres away. Combine that with two water treatment facilities and three wastewater treatment facilities and other assets, including 14,200 fire hydrants, and that's a lot of water-related infrastructure to maintain and repair.

Besides maintaining and repairing this infrastructure, it is important The City continue to upgrade and improve upon it while using advanced technology and water management practices to conserve water and protect our precious water resources. This will help to meet the future demands of a growing city.