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Crestmont storm pond rehabilitation project



In 2016, The City had discussions with the community about removal of accumulated sediment from the Crestmont Stormwater Pond.  In October 2017, The City began work to remove sediment from the pond. The sediment removal was completed in February 2018.This spring, The City will repair the area that was used as a temporary haul road and restore the pond’s north bank.

Project Timeline

In May, The City will restore the north bank around the Crestmont stormwater pond including the area that was used as a temporary haul road.

Construction impacts

Restoration work will occur at the north west edge of the existing community centre parking lot and along the north side of the pond. Construction fence will remain on the site until the Crestmont pond is filled with water to its normal elevations and the restoration work is completed.

Project Benefits

The removal of debris and sediment from the Crestmont Stormwater Pond reduced environmental impacts downstream, improved the pond’s health and restored its storage capacity which decreases the risks of the overland flooding during storm events. We removed 11,638 cubic metres (578 tons) of sediment from the stormwater pond.