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Douglasdale bank restoration

The June 2013 flood event caused damage to more than 30 km of riverbank along the Bow River. The changes impacted the Diamond Cove and Douglasdale side of the river, and the Diamond Cove location saw erosion along the base of the slope below Diamond Drive SE.

Project is now complete

Work to stabilize the bank at this site is now complete.  This work involved improving the groynes (or rock spurs) what were constructed during the emergency. The groynes will work in conjunction with the work completed by Enmax to protect the substation and the future restored pathway from further erosion.  There will be ongoing activity at the site as Enmax is completing work, the driving range is cleaning up their area, and Parks is finalizing plans to restore the pathway. There is no outstanding bank stabilization work to be completed.

About the project

The design consists of placing Class Three rip rap (rock material) on the existing groynes (structures that interrupt water flow and limit movement of sediment) that were constructed during the time of emergency.

The groynes will work with the rock material placed in front of the substation by ENMAX and will deflect flows away from the Douglasdale bank. The project was designed in conjunction with the work at Diamond Cove to minimize the impact to both projects on water levels and the opposite riverbank.

After construction, The City of Calgary will continue to monitor the site during the three-year maintenance period.

Project schedule

  • The contractor is on schedule to complete the in-stream work by May 30, 2014
  • It is expected that site restoration will be complete by June 5, 2014

Impact to citizens

Residents in Douglasdale may notice construction traffic. The contractor is working long hours to complete the work on schedule, and work may occur seven days a week.

The contractor will try to minimize the disturbance to the vegetation, but a few trees may need to be removed. Citizens may also notice some noise and dust. Our contractor will abide to The City's standards for dust and noise control during the construction period.