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Elbow Drive at 34 Ave SW Outfall E41 Repair

After the June 2013 Flood, The City of Calgary inspected the Bow and Elbow Rivers and Fish, Nose and West Nose Creeks for significant damages to outfalls and riverbanks. We identified 161 outfalls on the Rivers and 53 outfalls on the creeks with damage and have prioritized them for repairs.

Stormwater is rain or snow melt from our roofs, lawns and roadways that enters the storm drains on our streets and travels through an underground pipe system eventually draining into our rivers. The site where the stormwater flows from the pipes and into the river/creek is called an outfall.

About the project

The outfall is located on the west bank of the Elbow River, at Elbow Drive and 34 Avenue S.W. The construction site is located within a maintained green space, southeast of the Elbow River pathway.

Repairs to the outfall involve replacing the existing outfall structure and stabilizing the riverbank.

Construction will occur April 21 between 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. and is expected to take two weeks.

Impact to citizens

Citizens near the site will see and hear construction activities. Construction equipment will be parked on the maintained Parks area southeast of the pathway.

A pathway closure is not expected. Flag personnel will direct pathway users when will required.