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Glenmore Dam infrastructure improvements

Glenmore Reservoir Dam - deck & pathway closure: The dam deck crossing over the Glenmore Reservoir will be closed from September 30, 2017 to spring 2020 for dam deck redesign and rehabilitation. Until construction is complete, please use the pathway detour route provided​.

The Glenmore Dam has been key part of Calgary's water infrastructure system since the early 1930's. The wear and tear the dam has experienced over 85 years of service, and the ever increasing demands of a growing city, mean the time has come for an extensive upgrade. These improvements will not only extend the life of the dam, but will help manage our drinking water supply and give us the ability to better control low and high river flows.

The first phase of the project involved moving the water and gas utility lines, which ran across the top of the dam, to a new tunnel excavated underneath the Elbow River. Work has now begun on Phase II, which includes a new bridge deck with better access for maintenance and pathway users, concrete work on the face of the dam, and a new steel gate and hoist system.

While the normal maximum operating levels of the reservoir remains the same, the new gate system will provide greater flexibility to manage reservoir storage during low flows in the winter and high flows in the spring.

There will be no impact to reservoir users while utilities are being relocated. As part of Phase II reservoir water levels may need to be lowered to access certain parts of the dam. We do not expect this to be necessary until October 2017.

The pathway across the dam will be closed to the public on September 30, 2017, and then until the work is complete in 2020. Pathway detours will be implemented during this time and signage will be available to assist pathway users.

Benefits for Calgary

  • Increased efficiency in how we operate the water treatment plant and meet the demand for drinking water
  • Ability to manage the impact of high flows on the Elbow River, similar to those we experienced in 2005.
  • Extended lifespan of the concrete dam and bridge deck
  • Enhanced appearance of the Glenmore Dam, an iconic structure and one of the City's oldest landmarks
  • Improved access to the bridge deck including a wider, more user-friendly pathway across the dam, complete with unobstructed views upstream and downstream

Photo Gallery - Unclassified

  • Original construction - 1932
  • Original construction - 1932
  • Project scope
  • Original Timber Stoplogs at the Spillway section of the Dam
  • Original Timber Stoplogs
  • New & existing elements
  • Proposed Architectural Design
  • Proposed Architectural Design
  • Proposed Architectural Design
  • Proposed Architectural Design
  • Proposed Architectural Design
  • Proposed Architectural Design
  • Existing dam
  • Proposed Architectural Design
  • Exisiting dam (night time view)
  • Proposed Architectural Design - (night time view)
  • The tunneling equipment arriving on-site.
  • The tunneling equipment being lifted from the transport truck.
  • The tunneling equipment being placed in a shaft. Once in place it will tunnel underneath the Elbow River.
  • Glenmore Dam - Current View
  • Glenmore Dam - Current View

Project timelines

Construction has begun for phase one and is anticipated to be complete in June 2017. Phase two construction will begin in fall 2017, and the new steel gates and elevated hoist system is expected to be operational by spring 2020.

December 2015 Request for Proposal for Utility Replacement construction issued
March 2016 Contract award for Utility Replacement construction
March 2016
to June 2017
Utility Replacement construction (Phase 1)
May 2017 Request for Proposal for main dam construction issued
August 2017 Contract award for main dam construction
September 2017
to Spring 2020
Main dam construction (Phase 2)