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Bow River Stabilization - Upstream Glenmore Phase 2

Ongoing Project Update

  • Work on this project had to be put on hold to ensure we are in compliance with regulations from Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP). For this project, the regulation states that no work activity can be done “in the water”, in this case the Bow River, from May 15 to July 15.
  • After the completion of the timber crib walls, the water levels behind them were higher than anticipated, which means the project is in the water. That is why the project is on hold.
  • This work will resume after July 16 in order to comply with our regulatory approvals from AEP.
  • The pathway remains open and the work site will be fenced until work can resume. Thank you for your patience.

updated May 31, 2017

Project Summary

In the June 2013 flood, a portion of the bank along the Bow River upstream of the Glenmore Trail Bridge suffered riverbank erosion and storm outfall damage. During 2015, Phase One of the stabilization project took place, shoring up 160 metres of the bank, including outfall reconstruction.

Phase Two of the riverbank stabilization is taking place in 2017. To further stabilize the riverbank, 110 metres of the bank will be shored up, which includes a 30 metre stretch with bank heights between 4 and 5 metres.

The construction site will be on the left bank of the Bow River, north of Glenmore Trail S.E. bridge along pathway between Ogden Drive S.E. and Lysander Drive S.E. (See map below).

Bioengineering will play a role in this riverbank restoration. In addition to riprap, there will also be a live crib wall along the entire project. There will be a terrace and slope with vegetation planted to further strengthen the riverbank, and to contribute to the natural ecosystem.

Construction impacts

  • No road closures or detours are anticipated for this project. Traffic control signs will be placed on Ogden Drive S.E.
  • The existing pathway between Ogden Drive S.E. and Lysander Drive S.E. from north of Glenmore Trail bridge will remain open and will be controlled by flaggers to direct pedestrians.
  • Pruning of trees and trimming of bank vegetation for construction access and lay down area will take place by the end of March.
  • Construction is scheduled to start in early April and last for up to 12 weeks.
Bow River Bank stabilization
Map of construction in the community