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Inglewood bank restoration

In the June 2013 flood event, a portion of the bank along the Bow River through Inglewood (8 Avenue SE) saw significant erosion. The restoration of that riverbank will require stabilizing the slope and protecting it from future flood events.

Project update

Phase 1 – complete

The focus phase 1 was stabilizing the riverbank along 8 Ave S.E. to allow work on the watermain. We used 7,000m³ of rock and 10,000m³ of soil to stabilize the bank. Work on the watermain included upgrading 86 metres of the pipe and installing a new fire hydrant capable of flushing. This upgrade is a part of our work to ensure the safety and reliability of Calgary's drinking water.

Phase 2 – beginning the week of January 13, 2014

The second phase of work involves placing two rock groynes (spurs) in the river to further stabilize the riverbank, replacing the stormwater outfall and 10 meters of storm pipe, removing debris, and relocating the gravel bar on the east side of the river (by the golf course).

On February 19, 2014, the contractor completed the two rock groynes and the gravel relocation. They will return to site in late March or early April to complete the debris removal and work on the stormwater outfall.

Landscaping, pathway restoration and final roadwork on 8 Avenue SE will resume in the spring of 2014. It is expected that the work will be completed by Spring 2014.

About the project

To protect the underground infrastructure and ensure the safety of residents, the watermain servicing 8 Avenue SE was taken out of service.

The first phase of work involved placing rock in the river to stabilize the riverbank. Once the riverbank was stabilized, the work on the watermain was completed. The residents of 8 Avenue SE have their water service fully restored.

The second phase of work includes the full restoration plan. This involves continuing with rock placement, reinstating the road, repairing the storm water outfall, reconstructing the pathway and final landscaping.

It is expected that the work will be completed by Spring 2014.

Impact to citizens

Citizens near the delivery site will see and hear construction activities. Additionally, there will be increased traffic along 19 Street SE and 9 Avenue SE.

The intersection of 8 Ave S.E. and 21 St S.E. will be closed when work on the outfall resumes (no through traffic).

Citizens may notice some noise and dust as material is delivered. Our contractor will abide to our standards for dust and noise control during the construction period.

For more details, including expected delivery routes, please see the customer notice below:

Inglewood flooding and restoration images

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