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Inglewood sanitary trunk project

Ongoing Project Activity - January 2019

The alignment for the Inglewood Sanitary Trunk has been confirmed and construction will begin in January 2019. The alignment of the trunk has been revised in order to align with the Green Line work wherever possible. Three and a half kilometers of the trunk will be constructed using microtunnelling technology and 359 meters will be built using traditional open cut construction.

Microtunnelling is a method for installing buried utilities by constructing a tunnel between access shafts and then installing pipe within the tunnel. This technology helps to minimize construction impacts like disruptions to traffic and community access, dust and noise.

This project will use microtunneling to drill a tunnel for the sanitary trunk through Inglewood to connect the Inner City Trunk, located in north Inglewood, and the Bonnybrook Wastewater Treatment Plant.

About this project

When water runs down a sink, drain or toilet, it becomes wastewater. Calgary has a system just for wastewater, moving it by gravity and pumps to one of three wastewater treatment plants.

Calgary’s system is made up of 5,491 km of sanitary pipes. The Inglewood Sanitary Trunk will involve the construction of 4 km of sanitary pipe which will provide additional wastewater capacity needed for projected flow from existing and future development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the proposed route for the Inglewood Sanitary Trunk?

Click on image to enlarge and view microtunnelling route.

What are the potential impacts to residents?

Traffic impacts

There will be temporary deoutrs and access restrictions during this project. If detours or restrictions are needed, every effort will be made to work with residents to maintain access for local traffic


Dust levels will be low during microtunneling. There will be some dust during the open cut construction. The City will respond to dust through street cleaning/sweeping as needed.


Noise levels during construction
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