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Inglewood sanitary trunk project

Ongoing Project Activity

The alignment for the Inglewood Sanitary Trunk has been confirmed and construction will begin in September 2018. The alignment of the trunk has been revised in order to align with the Green Line work wherever possible. Three and a half kilometers of the trunk will be constructed using microtunnel technology and 260 meters will be built using traditional open cut construction.

Microtunnelling is a method for installing buried utilities by constructing a tunnel between access shafts and then installing the pipe within the tunnel. This process is the least disruptive as it eliminates the need for trenching along the entire length but it does require open shafts at several locations along the route.


Updated July 2018

About this project

When water runs down a sink, drain or toilet, it becomes wastewater. Calgary has a system just for wastewater, moving it by gravity and pumps to one of three wastewater treatment plants.

The Inglewood Sanitary Trunk will provide additional wastewater capacity needed for projected flow from existing and future development as well as population growth in the area. We are essentially installing larger pipes to make sure we continue to provide Calgarians with a high level of service in the face of a growing population.

This project will use trenchless technology to drill a tunnel for the sanitary trunk through Inglewood to connect the 15th St S.E. siphon, located in north Inglewood, and the Bonnybrook Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Information Session

An information session was held at the Alexandra Centre in Inglewood on June 21, 2016. The project team shared the schedule, impacts and other important information at this event.

Please see thepresentation boards for details on the project.