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Inglewood sanitary trunk project

Ongoing Project Activity

  • Geotechnical drilling is scheduled to take place in the Bow River south of St. Patrick’s Island for the Inglewood Sanitary Trunk Project in mid-April.
  • The geotechnical drilling is required to investigate soil conditions for the route of the sanitary trunk under the Bow River. This work is beginning in early to mid April and is expected to last for three to five days. Click here see latest notice for locations.

updated March 14, 2017

About this project

When water runs down a sink, drain or toilet, it becomes wastewater. Calgary has a system just for wastewater, moving it by gravity and pumps to one of three wastewater treatment plants.

The Inglewood Sanitary Trunk will provide additional wastewater capacity needed for projected flow from existing and future development as well as population growth in the area. We are essentially installing larger pipes to make sure we continue to provide Calgarians with a high level of service in the face of a growing population.

This project will use trenchless technology to drill a tunnel for the sanitary trunk through Inglewood to connect the 15th St S.E. siphon, located in north Inglewood, and the Bonnybrook Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Information Session

An information session was held at the Alexandra Centre in Inglewood on June 21, 2016. The project team shared the schedule, impacts and other important information at this event. Please see thepresentation boards for details on the project.

Project Schedule

Construction is anticipated to begin in 2017, and is expected to take up to two years.