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Northridge Feedermain Project

What is a feedermain?

A feedermain is a large watermain that carries water from one reservoir or pumping station to another.

Why do we need the Northridge Feedermain?

Through development, the area of Keystone Hills continues to grow. The City has a responsibility to deliver safe, clean, reliable water to homes and businesses in this area.

Where will the Northridge Feedermain be located?

The Northridge feedermain starts at the Spy Hill North Pump station, along a route adjacent to Panorama Hills Blvd. N.W., Panamount Blvd. N.W., Harvest Hills Blvd. N.W. and then along the Transportation Utility Corridor to 140 Ave. N.W. This feedermain will help to supply water to new northwest communities. The alignment extends from the south boundary of the Transportation Utility Corridor at Harvest Hills Blvd., north across Stoney Trail, east of 14 Street N.W.

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How might the Northridge Feedermain construction impact you?

We are using microtunnelling technology. This technology helps to minimize construction impacts like traffic disruptions, community access, dust and noise.

Construction will take place in two stages:

Stage One

Microtunnelling (summer 2018 to spring 2019)

  • Mircotunnelling construction will rely upon two microtunnels, one crossing under Stoney Trail and one under a portion of Panamount Blvd., N.W.
  • Road access will be maintained to homes, school and community centre
  • Panamount Blvd N.W. was selected for microtunnelling because it is less disruptive than other construction methods. We have strategically selected this location to minimize impacts on residents, the community, city services, and the environment
  • To ensure safety, the work site will be fenced and access will be restricted to construction personnel
  • There will be temporary road closures and traffic detours to allow for the construction of access shafts along the route followed by the mircotunnelling construction. Details will be provided at the beginning of construction
  • A few trees will be removed, but we have coordinated with Parks who will be replanting new trees along Panamount Blvd., the year after construction is completed

Stage Two

Open Trench (spring 2019 to spring 2020)

  • Open trench tender and construction of the remaining feedermain will start in spring 2019
  • Open trench excavation is the traditional and most common method of feedermain construction and consists of excavating down to the required depth, laying the pipe and then backfilling the trench. The majority of the open trench construction will meet the 2.5 metre frost protection standard with a few deeper trench locations to support other utilities on Harvest Hills Blvd. and the Transportation Utility Corridor
  • There will be temporary road closures and traffic detours to allow for the construction of trench along the route. Details will be provided at the beginning of construction.
  • Where possible open trench construction is scheduled for the summer months to minimize disruption of St. Jerome School at Panorama Hills Blvd. N.W. and Panamount Blvd N.W.