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Nose Creek sanitary upgrades

The Nose Creek Sanitary Sewer Trunk project will help expand the capacity of our sanitary sewer system in north Calgary. It will convey sanitary sewage flows from communities in north Calgary to the Bonnybrook Wastewater Treatment Plant. The upgrades are required to meet future growth needs in north Calgary, Airdrie, Balzac, and the Calgary International Airport.

Project Summary

Approximately 1,300 metres of 1650mm (65 inch) diameter concrete pipe will be installed in the alignment shown in the attached map. Two tunneled pipeline crossings of existing roadways are included in the work. One crossing is at 32 Ave NE and the other is at McKnight Blvd NE. The sending pits will be located on the south side of both roadways (Spring Gardens Yard and Pacific Rd NE, respectively) and tunneling will proceed to the north side of each roadway. Volker Stevin Contracting Ltd. will be completing the work on behalf of Water Services.


Construction started November 2, 2015 and the scheduled completion date is November 2016*

UPDATE: The contractor will be returning to 6 St NW in April 2016 to install pipe from the north side of McKnight Blvd and connecting to pipe that was already installed north of Beaverdam Road in 2015. Additionally, significant improvements will be made to the 6 St NE road surface. This work will last from April until September 2016.

Please see the latest project notice for more information.

Construction impacts


Local traffic disruptions and detours will be in place when the work progresses. This project will include excavation work on the following roads:

  • 6 St NE, north of McKnight Blvd to Laycock Park including:
    • Intersection at Goddard Ave NE;
    • Intersection at 50 Ave NE; and
    • Intersection at Beaverdam Rd NE
  • North end of Pacific Road NE, on the south side of McKnight Blvd, and
  • The gravel road on the east side of the Spring Gardens depot.

One lane of traffic will be maintained and detours will accommodate access to local businesses, as much as possible and so long as it is safe. Water Services will make every effort to minimize service disruptions.

Water and Sanitary Service

In order to build the sanitary sewer, existing water mains will be impacted. The contractor will install temporary water services for the businesses on 6 ST NE in advance of the sewer excavation - this is scheduled happen mid-April. Impacted businesses will be notified directly for each service interruption.

Please note: The length of construction can vary depending on the location of the work, condition of the soil, the condition of existing utilities, seasonal activities, availability of materials and difficulty and location of the excavation.