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Parkdale Blvd at 3rd Ave NW - Bow River bank restoration

Project Update

Construction is now complete. Final landscaping work in the green space and pathway repairs will be completed throughout April 2016. The temporary shared pathway will remain open until all work is complete.

In the June 2013 flood, a portion of the river bank along the Bow River along Parkdale Blvd saw significant over-steepening due to erosion. Approximately 580 metres of river bank was impacted, including a number of outfalls. The restoration of the riverbank will require stabilizing the slope and protecting it from further erosion.

About the project

The construction site is along the south side of Parkdale Blvd, between 34 Street N.W. and 28 Street N.W. The site extends from the Bow River Pathway to the river.

Three stormwater outfalls have been repaired. A combination of approximately 600 metres of riprap along the toe of the riverbank and a 500 metre vegetated timber crib wall is in place to restore the riverbank and stabilize the slope.

Vegetated timber crib walls are designed to be aesthetically pleasing while increasing habitat value and providing immediate bank stability and protection from erosion. The wall consists of box-like interlocking arrangement of timbers filled with suitable backfill material. Open spaces between the interlocking structures are layered with willow or dogwood cuttings that root inside the crib structure and extend into the bank. As these roots grow, they further bind the soil, providing long-term stability.

With the recent warm weather, work will begin in April to complete the remaining landscaping and pathway repairs.

Impact to citizens

The temporary shared pathway will remain open until the final repairs and landscaping is complete. For safety reasons and to allow the newly planted vegetation to establish, the construction fence will be placed along the river side of the walking pathway once construction is complete. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.