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Sanitary sewer investigation program

The City of Calgary will be inspecting sanitary sewer lines and manholes in the Erin Woods neighbourhood in early October. This inspection will identify locations where rainfall and snowmelt enters the sanitary sewers through sources such as cross-connections with storm drains, cracked pipes and manholes. Rainfall and snowmelt are not meant to go into the sewer system because it can reduce the available conveyance capacity and increase the cost of the wastewater treatment process.

How we check the system

Two methods will be used to test the sanitary sewer system: vapour testing and video camera inspection.

Vapour testing involves forcing non-toxic vapour into the sewer lines and observing where it exits the system. This will help identify spots where rain or snowmelt can enter the system. During this testing, vapour may be seen coming from the manhole covers, roof vents or building foundations. This is routine and safe. Please note that the vapour is non-toxic and safe for the environment, people, and pets.

During the video camera inspection, the contractor inspects the inside of the sewer lines with a camera to look for areas where rainfall and snowmelt could be entering the sanitary sewer system.​