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Shaganappi Pump Station

About the project

The current pump station, located on the northeast corner of Bowness Road and Shaganappi Trail, has been providing clean, safe water to Calgarians for more than 40 years and has reached its lifespan. There have been numerous upgrades made to the pump station to ensure the continuous water supply, however at this time, full replacement of the pump station is needed to maintain uninterrupted service in the future. Water Resources will be constructing a new pump station to better serve Calgarians for decades to come.

The City has studied the area, examined possibilities, and using rigorous selection process determined the most ideal location for the new pump station. The new Shaganappi Pump Station will be located in the green space to the east of the parking lot for Edworthy Park, in the southwest corner of Bowness Road and Shaganappi Trail.

Shagnanppi Pump Station Construction Site
The red area indicates where the new Shaganappi Pump Station will be built.

Construction Timelines

Work on the new pump station will begin in Spring 2019 and continue for two years. Work will be done in phases so there is minimal road closures and disruption to the neighbourhood. More detailed dates will be shared once plans are finalized. Water Resources is committed to communicating with the neighborhood throughout construction about timelines.

Construction Impacts

There will be no water disruptions to the community around the pump station.

There will be impacts to community around the construction site, specifically in the parking lot to Edworthy Park. Water Resources is working with Parks to ensure people who use and enjoy Edworthy Park are notified and able to safely use the park and parking lot.

Throughout construction, Water Resources is committed to communicating with the neighborhood and informing them of any and all impacts this work will have on their daily lives. We thank you in advance for your patience.

Artist Rendering of completed Pump station
The architect's rendering of the future Shaganappi Pump Station.