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South Highfield Bow River bank restoration

In the June 2013 flood event, approximately 435m of the Bow River bank adjacent to the Lafarge Pipe Plant and Parks Birthplace Forest experienced significant bank loss. Construction of a timber crib wall with a riprap along the toe of the river bank will restore the riverbank face and protect it from future high water events. The project will also incorporate overhanging willows in between the timbers and boulder clusters to re-establish fish habitat that was destroyed during the flood.

About the project

The site is along the west bank of the Bow River, located in the bend between the CN Rail bridge and Glenmore Trail. There will be 60m of protection south of Outfall B4B. The remaining 375m of bank protection is along a treed area adjacent to the Birthplace Forest, north of Outfall B4B.

Construction will begin on July 16 and is scheduled to be completed by Oct 31. Tree and shrub restoration will be done in the spring of 2016.

Impact to citizens:

Construction will have minimal impacts to as the contractor will be using an existing right of way to access the site. Several trees were removed along the riverbank to facilitate access. Urban Forestry approved of the removal of trees and the associated tree protection plan. None of these removed trees were Birthplace Forest trees as those are farther set back from the bank. A restoration plan will be developed to replace trees and shrubs that were removed.