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Stanley Park - Elbow River bank restoration

In the June 2013 flood, a portion of the bank along the Elbow River, downstream of Stanley Park, suffered riverbank erosion. There are portions along the riverbank that are exposed. The restoration of the riverbank will require stabilizing the slope and protecting it from further erosion.

About the project

Approximately 160 metres of rock will be placed along the toe (base) of the riverbank and a layer of native vegetation will be planted along the bank.

The construction site is located on the west side of the Elbow River, downstream of Stanley Park. Construction site access will be from 4A Street S.W. and Riverdale Avenue S.W.

Construction will begin March 30, 2015 and may take up to eight weeks.

Impact to citizens

No road closures are anticipated.

Through an agreement with Parks, a portion of the Stanley Park parking lot will be fenced off and used as a staging area for construction equipment.

A detour of the nearby pathway will be in place for the duration of the construction. Temporary pathway closures and detours will be communicated through pathway signs and