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Sunnyside Sanitary Lift Station Replacement


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  • Sunnyside construction site area
  • Existing Lift Station
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  • Sunnyside sanitary lift station concept

Several storm drainage infrastructure upgrades are taking place in the community as part of the Sunnyside Community Drainage Improvement Project.

Together, all of these upgrades will address the localized flooding that happens in the area. One of the upgrades is replacing the existing sanitary lift station in Sunnyside.

Construction timelines and impacts

Construction was completed November 2018, and the lift station is fully functional. Minor items may need to be addressed but will not result in any traffic or road closures.

Noise Concerns

The City is aware of noise concerns caused by an exhaust fan in the lift station's ventilation system. A custom designed silencer is on order and should be installed by the end of August to deal with this issue.

About sanitary lift stations

Sanitary lift stations are used throughout the city and are a vital part of our wastewater system. This important infrastructure lifts wastewater from low-lying areas to higher areas where it can flow by gravity to one of our three wastewater treatment plants.

Sunnyside sanitary lift station

The Sunnyside sanitary lift station is located at 725 3 Street N.W. It was originally built in 1958 and was designed to standards of that era. As the City of Calgary has grown over the past 58 years the requirements for the lift station have changed.

The sanitary lift station is designed to operate up to a water depth of 1.35 metres, as measured from the surcharge point at the gutter on 3 Street N.W. At water depths above this, the sanitary sewer will be inundated but the lift station can keep pumping all the way up to a 1-in-100 flood event.

What this means is that the Sanitary Lift Station is operable up to and even beyond the capability of the primary flood protection, which includes a berm, a storm water lift station located at 605 1 Ave N.W., an agreement with TransAlta for operation of the Ghost Reservoir, emergency response measures, and additional infrastructure planned but not yet in place.

The Sanitary Lift Station more than satisfies the Wastewater Regulation which requires that wastewater pump stations remain fully operational in a 1-in-25 flood event assuming failure of all primary flood protection.


Input was gathered from residents on the final design of the sanitary lift station. The new building design has a wooden exterior and an omega style fence. Please visit to see the feedback we received and how we used that to make our final decision on the exterior design.

Please read our FAQ document for more information about the Sunnyside sanitary lift station.