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Sunnyside Sanitary Lift Station Replacement

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  • Existing Lift Station
  • New Design
  • Servicing Area
  • Sunnyside sanitary lift station concept

Sanitary lift stations, a vital part of our wastewater system, are used throughout the city to lift wastewater from low-lying areas to higher areas where it can flow by gravity to one of our three wastewater treatment plants. The Sunnyside sanitary lift station was built in 1958 and was designed to standards of that era. As the City of Calgary has grown over the past 58 years the requirements for the lift station have changed.

The Sunnyside sanitary lift station, located across the street from the Calgary Curling Club on 3 St N.W., will be replaced with a more resilient structure that will ensure Calgarians continue to receive a high level of sanitary service. After gathering input from residents on the final design of the sanitary lift station, a decision has been made to construct the exterior of the new lift station building with a wooden exterior and an omega style fence. Please visit to see the feedback we received and how we used that to make our final decision on the exterior design (the information will be posted to that site Friday May 7, 2016). If you have any further questions, please read our FAQ document or refer to our project newsletter update for more information.

Project Timeline

After the 2013 floods, a study was undertaken to collect data on the sanitary lift station requirements in Sunnyside. Once the study was completed in 2015, we hired a consultant who developed the preliminary design that is under review now. Construction will be complete in late 2017 with commissioning of the sanitary lift station taking place over the next three to four months. Sanitary service will be uninterrupted throughout the construction of the new lift station.