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University Heights sanitary upgrade


Project Summary

Due to planned densification of the Stadium Shopping Centre area, the City intends on delivering an upgrade to the existing sanitary network in order to accommodate development. Following the preliminary design phase, the project team has determined that in order to achieve the desired result on the system, a new sanitary main is proposed for installation on the north side of 16 Avenue N.W. (mainly within the green space) between 29 Street/Uxbridge Drive N.W. and University Drive N.W., connecting under both roadways.

Project Timeline

The first phase of construction began in May 2018 within, and under the northeast side of the 16 Avenue and 29 Street/Uxbridge Drive N.W. intersection while the remaining phases will resume through to completion during summer 2018 or as weather and other construction needs dictate.

Anticipated Construction Details

In order to safely install the remaining phases of the sanitary infrastructure, traffic disruption is anticipated for the southbound University Drive N.W. ramp to westbound 16 Avenue N.W. as well as for both southbound lanes of University Drive N.W. just north of the 16 Avenue N.W. overpass. Similar to the first phase, the City and its project team will investigate the possibility of working around peak traffic hours or extending work into the evening or weekends to mitigate traffic impacts and expedite the installation.

Due to the selected alignment of the infrastructure, the sidewalk on the north side of 16 Avenue N.W. between 29 Street/Uxbridge Drive N.W. and University Drive N.W. will also be impacted and shutdowns and/or detours will be implemented. The City will aim to have the appropriate level of notification to sidewalk users, vehicles and commuters onsite during construction as to strive for the safe installation of the sanitary main.

Lastly, no impacts to levels of existing sanitary service is anticipated for residences or businesses during construction.

Project map

University Heights Sanitary Upgrade 16 Ave NW
The red shaded area indicates the approximate sanitary alignment.