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Upper Plateau Separation

The Upper Plateau Separation project is an investment that will help reduce river flood risk complications caused by storm water flow in the communities of Hillhurst/Sunnyside.

What are the benefits?

This work will allow us to better capture and divert storm water, prepare for and respond to climate change, better prepare for future development. This work will also help to decrease pressure in pipes which will reduce leakage, frequency of breaks and bursts, maintenance costs, electricity costs and GHG emissions.

Where is the Upper Plateau?

The Upper Plateau Separation covers a 527 ha area in central northwest Calgary. Portions of the study are within the floodplain of the Bow River which makes them vulnerable to flooding from high river levels and rainfall events. The study area is bounded by 24 Avenue N.W. to the north, 3 Street N.W. to the east, 19 Street N.W./Capitol Hill Crescent to the west and the Bow River to the south.

Upper Plateau Separation

How will this work be completed?

We will create a dedicated storm trunk for the upper plateau. This separation of flow will prevent storm water run-off from the upper plateau from surcharging to the surface in the lower plateau.

How can you get involved?

Citizen engagement opportunities are being planned and an update will be provided in the fall.