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West Keystone Hills

The West Keystone Hills project will help expand the capacity of our sanitary sewer and storm systems for future communities in the area. The upgrades, part of a construction finance agreement between The City and Mattamy Homes, are required to meet future growth needs in north Calgary.

Project Summary

Stage 1: We are extending a 1,050mm sanitary line north from the existing community of Panorama Hills, west along Stoney Trail utility corridor, to an existing pipe crossing that was built in 2005 at 14 St NW. Water and storm mains are also being installed as part of Stage 1.

Stage 2: Continuation of work from the north side of Stoney Trail to 144 Ave.


Construction of Stage 1 started November 2, 2015 and the scheduled completion date for Stage 2 is Fall 2016.

Stage 1 update:

  • The contractor is presently replacing the pathway that was removed during construction of Stage 1 and also reinstating landscaping.
  • The pathway is anticipated to be done by the end of May, but for safety reasons the pathway won’t reopen until the fence along Stoney Trail is reinstated.
  • After the above work is complete, some areas will be protected by various orange construction fences to allow vegetation to grow. Access must be limited to allow this natural amenity time to establish.
  • Earthwork is anticipated to be complete by the end of May.
  • Landscaping along the disturbed areas in the Stoney Trail right-of-way will be completed in June.

Please note: The length of construction can vary depending on the location of the work, condition of the soil, the condition of existing utilities, seasonal activities, availability of materials and difficulty and location of the excavation.