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Rosemont Drainage Improvement Project

About the project

In the past, heavy rainstorms have flooded homes and nearby roadways in the community of Rosemont. These issues have been all over the community, and range from overland flooding to basement sewage backups.

Our recent drainage studies found that the old system, built in the 1950s to standards of the day, could not handle the water it received during large rainfalls.

To reduce flooding before it enters Confederation Creek, we started the Rosemont Community Drainage Improvement Project. This project will make changes so the storm drainage system will be able to handle peak water flows for one-in-50-year rain events.

Please see thelatest project update for more information on the flood prevention tools put in place and on traffic controls used to increase safety in the neighbourhood.


July 15, 2016:

  • Installation of a catch basin on Cambrian Drive / 10th Street has been delayed until July 23 due to weather delays
  • The irrigation line in Confederation Park has been repaired
  • Final outfall restoration and sodding can now take place

Construction details

Rosehill Drive & 10 Street NW

  • Twinning the existing 900 millimetre stormwater pipe
  • Relocating and twinning existing catchbasins
  • Building raised roadway crossings
  • Paving sections of the back lane
  • Repairing the outfall in Confederation Park

Cambrian Drive NW

  • Building raised roadway crossings
  • Installing curb extensions to increase safety at intersections

14 Street NW

  • Upgrading the stormwater pipe from 375 to 525 millimetres

Construction schedule

The project began the week of September 7, 2015, with work continuing through 2016. Final landscaping is taking place now.