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Laycock Park - Stormwater retrofit project

Work on the stormwater quality retrofit project in Laycock Park is now complete. Two large concrete oil-grit-separator units were installed on the hill west of the baseball diamonds. These units will add treatment to the storm system before stormwater is discharged to Nose Creek at storm outfall N31. Landscaping rehabilitation related to this work will be completed by November 2015. The bike path under 64 Avenue N.E. is now open.

The sanitary sewer work in Laycock will resume once the required regulatory approvals are secured. Additionally, storm outfall N31 was found to be in poor condition and will be rebuilt at the same time as the sanitary sewer is completed. Schedule updates on these two pieces of work will be provided once available. Completion of work is expected in Spring 2016.

Refer to Parks' website for details on other work in Laycock Park.


Crews installing grit separator units in Laycock Park

Crews installing grit separator units in Laycock Park