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Storm Pond Assessment Program

Our storm ponds, such ​as wet ponds or engineered wetlands, provide a place for excess stormwater to collect as well as a way to filter the water and remove contaminants before it enters our rivers.

Stormwater is rain or snow melt from our roofs, lawns and roadways that enters catch basins on our streets and eventually drains through pipes into our rivers. To learn more about stormwater and how we manage it, visit our Storm Drainage System page.

About the condition assessment program for storm ponds

The storm pond assessment program began in 2015 to assess the current condition of the storm ponds using a variety of methods such as:

  • bathymetric surveys,
  • sediment sampling,
  • riparian and aquatic vegetation survey,
  • fish survey,
  • slope stability investigation and
  • visual inspection.

Within the program, approximately 10 to 15 wet ponds or wetlands will be assessed each year until 2019. Data gathered will be used to assist in decisions related to storm pond design, operation, maintenance and renewal to ensure our storm ponds function as intended.

We currently operate and maintain 155 storm ponds in Calgary.

Storm ponds to be assessed in 2017

City of Calgary employees, consultants and contractors will be working in and around the 14 storm ponds located in the areas indicated below from September through October 2017.

Pond ​Number Pond Name Location Community
61WPA Freeport Business Park 19 Freeport Way NE  
13WPA 69 Street SW (Strathcona) 7077 Glenmore Tr SW Discovery Ridge
19WLA Rocky Ridge P3B 100R Rocky Ridge Rd NW Rocky Ridge
35WL Royal Oak Phase II 10602 Rocky Ridge Rd NW Rocky Ridge
54WPA Copperfield 1 676R Copperfield BV SE Copperfield
55WPA Copperfield 2 41 Copperfield PT SE Copperfield
111WPA Copperfield 3 100R Copperpond CI SE Copperfield
82WP East Fairview Commercial North 50 Heritage Meadows Wy SE East Fairview
88WPA Aspen Woods (Gallant) 11 Aspen Stone BV SW Aspen Woods
89WPA Aspen Woods (Springbank) 1770R 85 St SW Aspen Woods
100WPA Cranston PH. 30 Pond A 339 Cranston DR SE Cranston
120WPA Stoney Industrial Pond A 12300 15 ST NE  
126WPA Sage Hill Pond M 208 Sage Valley CL NW Sage Hill
142WPA Chaparral Valley Lands PH 1 2070 194 AV SE Chaparral Valley

To see where each location is within the city, go to, click on Maps on the top ribbon and choose the icon titled my Calgary Services. Here, you can input any address (or copy and paste) and pinpoint its location using the interactive map.