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Water main repairs and maintenance

Water main repairs

With a network of over 4,650 kilometres of water mains, also called water distribution pipes, our water distribution system carries high quality drinking water from our water treatment plants to homes, businesses and institutions throughout Calgary.

These pipes can sometimes leak or break and require repair. This can mean temporary disruption of water service for residents or businesses. When that happens, Water Services works to restore water service as quickly as possible.

To see a list of current water main breaks resulting in service disruptions visit:

This page includes frequently asked questions about the repair process for a leak or break.

The City is responsible for repairs of its own infrastructure. If the section of the water service line to your home or property is on private property (determined by the property line) you are responsible for the repair. To learn more, visit Water Service Lines in Calgary.

Water main maintenance

The City of Calgary takes a proactive approach to protect and replace aging assets such as water mains. Since 1980, emergency water main repairs have been reduced by 73 per cent.

The reduction is thanks to a water main replacement program that replaces corroded mains with new PVC pipe, and by reducing the rate of corrosion through an anode retrofit program that adds cathodic protection to existing water mains.

Water main replacement program

As part of our proactive approach to reduce emergency water main breaks, inspections are completed to identify areas for replacement to mitigate future breaks.

Sanitary main and sewer pipe repairs

Like water mains, our sanitary pipes sometimes break and require repair. These types of repairs do not impact your drinking water like in a water main break.

However, they do impact sanitary service like toilets and drains in your home. To learn more, please visit Sanitary Main and Sewer Pipe Breaks.