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Customer Service & Communications

The City of Calgary serves Calgarians on a daily basis through a variety of products and services. Customer Service & Communications​ (CSC) ensures Calgarians understand and are aware of these programs and services through communications, marketing, social media, media relations and 311 support. A communications strategy is implemented for each campaign, incorporating the entire cycle of communications: research, citizen engagement, creation of content, graphic design, website development, campaign evaluation and measurement.

CSC consists of: 311​/Citizen Services, Corporate Marketing & Communications, Corporate Web Services, Creative Services and Engagement & Communications Partner Services.

311: Easy ac​cess to City services

Did you know?
​311 answered more than 1.1 million citizen calls in 2014.

311 provides Calgarians with easy access to City information and services over the phone, through the web, or via the 311 Calgary mobile app. The 311 team responds to citizen inquires, assigns City crews based on citizen requests and assists City business units by providing them with trends and performance tracking from 311 calls. In 2014, 311 was among the top methods for citizens to contact The City (2014 Citizen​ Satisfaction Survey​). Ensuring that citizens have direct access with The City 24/7 is critical for CSC.

Research and getting input from Calgarians

​Interested in learning more about The City's research? Take a look at the 2014 Citizen Satisfaction Survey​.

 The CSC engagement and research teams ensure that Calgarians are front and center​ when building communication strategies and when making City decisions. These teams reach out for citizen views and opinions through statistically-based research and two-way conversations and dialogue with citizens. Being inclusive and accessible is core to CSC’s service.​ 

Communications and marketing

​​​​Corporate Marketing & Communications and Creative Services work together to create award winning campaigns that break through the clutter of communications that citizens receive each day.​

These teams work closely with Communication Partner Services, a team of communicators who provide strategic communication planning​ and execution for City business units. These teams work together to build comprehensive communication strategies and creative collateral to inform and educate citizens about City projects, programs and services. 

Almost This Close - Parks Campaign Image
Almost This Close - Parks Campaign

CSC takes an integrated approach to communications planning, incorporating both traditional and digital media tactics while using only the most relevant tools and technologies. CSC aims to ensure that the communications The City produces connects The City to the needs of the citizens.

Communication resources

Citizens and customers expect The City to provide easy access to City information and services when, how, and where they want the information. The world is becoming more `digital` every day, and The City`s communications efforts need to align with this ever-evolving reality.

The City of Calgary has over 500 lines of business, and communications resources are assigned across The City to support various businesses and projects. City communication professionals develop the content to enable delivery through The City`s various channels, such as (over 2 million visits per year), the 311 contact centre (over 1.2 million calls per year), as well as the innumerous connections through the spectrum of social media channels. The City of Calgary’s communications team has been recognized nationally and internationally for the significant communication activities undertaken to support citizens and community during the 2013 Flood, and have been identified as a critical component of the Municipal Emergency Plan.

However, through various satisfaction surveys, citizens have clearly indicated that City communications must be continuously advanced to be more timely and in the new digital channels. In keeping with continuous improvement, Customer Service & Communications is leading a Communications Service Delivery Review under the direction of City Manager Jeff Fielding. This review will ensure The City has the appropriate strategy for investment in communications, is prepared for new and emerging channels, and is equipped with the appropriate delivery resources and channels to be most efficient and effective.

The recently released Compensation Disclosure List outlines all City positions and pay ranges. A subset of the disclosure list, specific to communications, media relations, and public information positions, and the corresponding pay ranges for these positions, can be found here.