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Reference for 311 Service Request Report

About 311 service requests

A 311 service request is a request from the public for a City of Calgary information or service. The public can submit requests at any time of the day by calling 311 or going to The City of Calgary’s 311 Online Services page. All Service requests are referred to the appropriate City department for resolution. The requestor is provided with a tracking number as well as an estimated timeline for responding to the request. This number can be used to track the status of the service request. The department that is assigned the service request is fully responsible for conducting specific work activities necessary to complete the service within pre-determined timelines.

How to interpret the Service Request Summary Report

The objective of this report is to show what specific services are of highest demand for citizens on a monthly basis. The first page of this report shows the number of SRs for each Ward and the top 20 SRs for Calgary overall. Subsequent pages of the report show the top 20 SRs for each Ward and top 10 communities in each Ward, measured by SR volume.

The actual number of times a service is requested is provided under SR Count. The % of Total City/Ward column provides more context by showing how often a particular service is requested relative to the overall number of SRs for Calgary or for a particular Ward.

The address of the SR is intended to represent the location of where the incident occurred or service is needed. The address determines which community and Ward the SR is categorized in. In cases where the address is on the border of two communities, the 311 system will choose the ward that best represents that address geographically. This may occasionally result in communities showing a small number of SRs under the wrong Ward. Please note that SRs that don’t require addresses or that have invalid addresses are tracked as N/A in this report.


Please see below for a list of acronyms included on regular 311 service requests. This list will be updated periodically to ensure new acronyms are included.

Acronym Full Description Acronym Full Description
AS Animal Services CEMA Calgary Emergency Management Agency
CPB Corporate Properties and Buildings CFD Calgary Fire Department
CNS Community & Neighbourhood Services CPA Calgary Parking Authority
CPS Calgary Police Service CSC Customer Service and Communications
CT Calgary Transit DBA Development & Building Approvals
ESM Environmental & Safety Management IIS Infrastructure & Information Services
LRT Light Rail Transit LUPP Land Use Planning and Policy
SCP Single Construction Permits TP Transportation Planning
TI Transportation Infrastructure TIPP Tax Instalment Payment Plan
WAM Work Asset Management WRS Waste & Recycling Services
WR Water Resources WATS Water Services

For further assistance on information contained in this 311 report, please contact The City of Calgary’s Corporate Measurement & Reporting team at