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Citizen priorities


Council Directives



Citizen priorities provide a shared vision for The City.

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Citizen Priorities

Citizen priorities provide a shared vision for The City.


2019-2022 Citizen Priorities

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​​​​​​A prosperous city

Calgary continues to grow as a magnet for talent, a place where there is opportunity for all, and strives to be the best place in Canada to start and grow a business.

A city of safe and inspiring neighbourhoods

Every Calgarian lives in a safe, mixed and inclusive neighbourhood, and has the right and opportunity to participate in civic life. All neighbourhoods are desirable and have equitable public investments.

C-Train station
A city that moves

Calgary’s transportation network offers a variety of convenient, affordable, accessible and efficient transportation choices. It supports the safe and quick movement of people and goods throughout the city, and provides services enabling Calgarians and businesses to benefit from connectivity within the city, throughout the region, and around the globe.

A healthy and green city

Calgary is a leader in caring about the health of the environment and promotes resilient neighbourhoods where residents connect with one another and can live active, healthy lifestyles.

Municipal Building
A well-run city

Calgary has a modern and efficient municipal government that is focused on resilience and continuous improvement to make life better every day for Calgarians by learning from citizens, partners, and others.


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Learn more about the 2019-2022 Council Directives​.

Council’s guidelines to administration

These guidelines set out the strategic objectives and expectations for the City Manager with respect to: 

  • leadership of The Corporation, 
  • strategic priorities regarding culture, investment and value, and 
  • operational focus on services delivery. 

They show Council’s expectation of Administration with regards to how it delivers services to citizens and customers. 



Integrated service delivery

Council is consistent in its view that the corporation needs to provide services in a much more coordinated and integrated way.

Engaged leadership

Council wants collaborative organizational leaders and managers that function together as a team.​

Trust and confidence

Council is asking for an organization that is reliable, honest, effective, and that has its confidence and trust.

Investment and value

Council expects a sustainable financial plan from Administration that is responsible and creates value.​

Cooperative alliances

Council endorses strategically important relationships that promote community​​ and city building.​