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TIPP - January 2019 monthly instalment adjustment

All Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP) accounts are reviewed in November to determine the amount of the monthly instalment from January 1 to June 1 of the next year.

If your monthly instalment is changing for January ​1, 2019, a letter was mailed to you in November 2018.​

The January 1 to June 1 monthly instalment is calculated by dividing your property’s 2018 property tax by 12, taking into consideration any adjustments affecting your tax account, rounded up to the nearest dollar.

Your 2018 property tax may have included:

  • Adjustments to your account, for example, dishonoured payment(s) and/or service charge(s), or a debit transfer from another City department.
  • Changes to your property tax levy, such as an adjustment resulting in an increase or decrease to your property tax, a supplementary tax bill or an assessment appeal decision.

Note: For those qualifying non-residential owners, the one-time 2018 Municipal Non-Residential Phased Tax Program (PTP)​ credit is not included in the revised instalment.

When your property tax is billed in May of 2019, your monthly instalment will be adjusted from July 1 to December 1 based on the new 2019 property tax levy. Adjustments to your instalment amount in January and/or July will ensure your tax account is paid in full by year-end.

TIPP basics

  • Each year property taxes are billed in May for the tax year. The tax year is the calendar year January 1 to December 31.
  • TIPP spreads the payment of property tax over 12 months, starting January 1.
  • TIPP automatically continues from year to year.
  • January 1 to June 1, your monthly instalment is based on 1/12 of your most recent property tax, rounded up to the nearest dollar.
  • July 1 to December 1, your monthly instalment is based on your actual annual property tax levy billed in May. Revising your monthly instalment July 1 ensures your tax account is paid in full by year-end.

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