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Municipal Employees Benefit Association of Calgary (MEBAC)

Municipal Employees Benefit Association of Calgary (MEBAC) manages and administers employee contributions to The City of Calgary employee benefits plan. It also partners and negotiates with The City on changes to benefits.

The common objective is to deliver a consistent, competitive level of benefits to employees--using strength in numbers to get better coverage and keep costs as low as possible.

Membership in MEBAC consists of all but one of The City's unions and associations. The MEBAC board-which includes City representatives--meets regularly to monitor the benefits program and develop strategy for the future.  The Annual General Meeting is held in June each year.  All employees represented by MEBAC member unions and associations are welcome to attend.

To become better aware of how MEBAC is structured, see the list of member unions and associations.

Annual General Meeting

MEBAC’s 2016 AGM was held on June 15, 2016.  MEBAC would like to thank those that attended and also thank Green Shield Canada, Great-West Life, City of Calgary Finance, Water Services, Community Standards, Cupe Local 37, Cupe Local 709 and Transit for donating great prizes for the draw. 

View the minutes and the handout from the 2016 Annual General Meeting. We hope to see you at the AGM in June 2017 !

Participating Unions and Associations

These participating unions and associations form MEBAC--the Municipal Employees Benefit Association of Calgary.

All City of Calgary unions and associations, except for one, are part of MEBAC. Together, they work towards competitive, attractive benefits for employees, and managing the costs of providing those benefits.
Who's who on MEBAC Executive
APTEA Trustee/Vice-President Bill Doxsee
  Alternate Paul Taylor
ATU Local 583 Trustee Rick Ratcliff
 ​ Alternate Jagvinder Sandhu
Calgary Police Association Trustee John Orr
  Alternate Paul Wozney
City of Calgary – Finance Trustee (non-voting) Cathy An
  Alternate (non-voting) Chris Zimmer
City of Calgary – Human Resources Trustee (non-voting) Maria Gagliardi
  Alternate (non-voting) Doris Wilson
  MEBAC Administrator Eliza Davis
CUPE Local 37 (Outside Workers) Trustee/Secretary Jody Sallans
  Alternate George Carnegie
CUPE Local 38 (Inside Workers) Trustee D'Arcy Lanovaz
  Alternate Kim Jaedicke
CUPE Local 709 Trustee/President Rory Gill
  Alternate Cody Cote
IBEW Local 254 Trustee/Treasurer Karen Stoshnof
  Alternate Anthony Montanaro
Society of Professional Engineers Trustee Dallas Smith
  Alternate ​Cheryl Harmsworth
Sr. Management Team Association Trustee Dan Limacher
  Alternate Jacquie Deitch
Sr. Police Officers Association Trustee Cal Wiltshire
  Alternate Vacant
UB Carpenters Local 2103 Trustee Vacant
  Alternate Vacant