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Workplace Smoking Policy

The City’s Workplace Smoking Policy is intended to ensure employees have information on smoking that complies with The City’s Smoking Bylaw and the Alberta Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act.

The Smoking Policy will be revised to reflect changes to City bylaws and the upcoming legalization of cannabis in October 2018.

What you need to know about the current policy:

  • The City’s Workplace Smoking Policy currently does not allow smoking or vaping of tobacco products in the workplace. The workplace includes City vehicles and equipment.
  • Smoking or vaping of tobacco products is only allowed in designated areas, and must be at least five metres from any entrance/exit to a City building or facility.
  • Smoking or vaping of cannabis is not allowed on or in City workplaces.

What you need to know about the revised policy:
As of October 17, 2018 this policy will be renamed the Workplace Smoking and Vaping Policy. It will be expanded to address smoking or vaping of cannabis products in, or on any City workplace. Consistent with the City bylaw, employees are prohibited from using cannabis in any City workplace, unless an accommodation has been approved through Human Resources.
If you have questions about cannabis use while at work you may want to visit our Ask the Code section, the cannabis edition.