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Health Management - Increased Sick Time - Check in

Human Resources


Health Management

Check in

Increased sick time

Check back in with your employee in no later than three months.

At this point you will have had a conversation with your employee and suggested support services that might help address the past absences.

During that initial conversation you should have outlined a plan for what you as well as what your employee will do to help address the issue, when those actions will be complete as well as a date and time for a follow-up meeting.

Gathering information

Continue to observe how they are doing. Monitor their attendance throughout the agreed period of time.

Remain supportive and give your employee time to work through their challenges.

Check-in meeting with your employee

When you check back in with them at that meeting, ask them how they are.

If you notice that they are doing better, acknowledge that.

If there have been no improvements, revisit that initial conversation and see if there are other services that might be more effective or other ways that you could support them, such as a voluntary referral to the Corporate Health Consultant.

If there is no improvement contact your Human Resources Advisor to evaluate whether or not your employee should enter the Attendance Support Program.

Remember, your employee does not need to share the details of his or her health issues with you. You are there to help them through their challenges and get them back on track to being healthy at work.

Who can help?

Your HR Advisor can discuss your situation and provide advice. If you don't know who your HR Advisor is call HR Support Services at 403-268-5800.

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