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Health Management - Leave & Disability - While employee is on LTD

Human Resources


Health Management

While employee is on LTD

Leave & disability

Contacts while an employee is on Long Term Disability (LTD)

When an employee begins LTD, Great-West Life assigns a case manager at the Calgary Disability Management Services Office (DMSO).

The Return to Work Coordinator at The City of Calgary receives updates from the case manager, follows-up with them on timelines and will pass along updates to the supervisor regarding the status of the claim and return to work information.

Employee’s role while on LTD

As you recover, update your supervisor about when you may be ready to return to work.

Keep your case manager up to date on your recovery and updates from your health care providers.

Follow your treatment plan that is in place to help you recover and get well.

Read the MEBAC agreement for specific information about S & A and LTD benefits.

Supervisor’s role while employee is on LTD

  1. Keep in touch

    Like with S&A, a supervisor should maintain contact with the employee who is on LTD. Use discretion in regards to when and how often you reach out, but make a point of keeping in touch with your employee. Remind them that you are there to support them.

  2. Review updates from Return to Work Coordinator

    Throughout the leave, Great-West Life will monitor the treatment and recovery of the employee and communicate with the Return to Work Coordinator if and when an employee will be able to return to work. They will let the Return to Work Coordinator know if there are restrictions. Typically employees returning from LTD will come back starting on a gradual schedule.

  3. Manage workload

    At this point, supervisors will have been managing the workload for four months and will need to decide how to manage this workload going forward. Each scenario will have its own set of circumstances to consider, such as timelines. It may still be unclear about when the employee will be back to work.

    Supervisors can consider accessing temporary resources. For example, using other employees needing accommodated work, Temporary Employment Services Agency (TESA), on-call employees. If necessary, supervisors may consider hiring a limited-term employee. Consult with Human Resources if needed.

Who can help?

Human Resources


Great-West Life: Calgary Disability Management Services Office

Phone: 403-515-5900
Fax: 403-234-7565
Toll free: 1-866-221-8524

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