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Health Management - Leave & Disability - Introduction

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Health Management

Leave & disability

Leave & disability

Employees who are sick and unwell are encouraged to take time off work to recover. Time off for these absences is covered by Sickness and Accident (S & A) or Long Term Disability (LTD), depending on length of absence. Refer to the Employee Benefits Booklet for eligibility information

What to do when an employee calls in sick.

Sickness & accident (S & A) disability benefits

Sickness and accident (S&A) is a short term disability wage loss benefit. It is for absences due to non-work related illness or injury up to 119 calendar days. For absences after five consecutive work days, employees need to provide an Attending Physician Statement APS X427 to support their absence. For firefighters on platoon schedule, this documentation is needed after four consecutive work days to support their absence. For IAFF Local 255 members, use Attending Physician's Statement FD1355 for absences after five consecutive work days or after four consecutive work days if on a platoon schedule.

The City will pay 90 per cent of an employee’s base pay while they are on S&A. This benefit is taxable, with CPP and EI deductions. Homewood Health Inc. adjudicates S&A claims after five days and manages the case files for the duration of the absence.

Applying for S & A benefits

Long term disability (LTD) benefits

Long term disability begins on the 120th day absent for eligible employees.

Employee Benefits Booklet

LTD claims are managed by Great-West Life, which adjudicates the application and if approved pays for the absence. Premiums for LTD are paid by the employee, therefore benefit payments are non-taxable.

Payments from Great-West Life to the employee are calculated as 67 per cent of the first $27,000 of gross annual earnings, 55 per cent of the next $90,000 and 50 per cent of the remainder. They are paid up to a maximum age of 65 (or age 60 for firefighters) as long as the definition of disability is satisfied under the contract.

Applying for LTD

Who can help?

Human Resources

Employee Benefits Booklet
Firefighters Benefits Information

Homewood Health

Direct Tel: 403-705-2024
Toll Free: 1-800-472-4904
Fax: 1-866-460-4645

Great-West Life: Calgary Disability Management Services Office

Phone: 403-515-5900
Fax: 403-234-7565
Toll free: 1-866-221-8524

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