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Provincial Drivers’ Licence renewals

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Important changes to Provincial Drivers’ Licence renewals for all City of Calgary employees 

Did you renew?

As a City of Calgary employee, are you required to have a driver’s licence? Could it have expired?

Whether or not your job includes driving a City vehicle or operating City equipment, your provincial driver’s licence may have expired without your knowledge. As of April 2016, the Alberta government stopped mailing reminders to citizens to renew their driver’s licences and vehicle registrations.

You are individually responsible to renew your driver's licence before it expires. There are risks and serious consequences if you are operating a City vehicle without having a valid licence.

How to know when your driver’s licence is up for renewal:

  1. Check the expiry date on your driver’s license. Driver’s licences are valid for 1 to 5 years depending on your class of licence, medical status and age.

  2. Sign up for driver’s licence reminders by email or text message:
    • The Alberta Government offers reminders for both drivers’ licences and vehicle registrations.
    • Alberta Registry Association offers e-registry for registration reminders.

IMPORTANT: For your protection, when you sign up for email and text reminders, please use your personal email and phone number to ensure you always get the message. 

  1. Alternatively, you can set recurring calendar reminders so you know when you need to visit a registry office. Make sure you use personal calendars in case your role at The City changes.