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April - It's always a good time for a challenge

Competition isn’t a bad thing. And when it comes the Employee Corporate Challenge (ECC) competition is a great way to incorporate a team builder, meet new people, and leave with some bragging rights at the same time.

Play downs to represent The City at the Calgary Corporate Challenge run from April to June, and we’re looking for card sharks, mountain bikers, trivia buffs, footballers, and more to sign up as individuals or a team and get out there competing.

“There are 17 events for this year’s Employee Corporate Challenge,” says Wellness Coordinator, Callie Lomenda. “The best part of the ECC is the events are free for everyone. If you like to run, play ultimate frisbee, shoot darts or pool, you can enter.”

And this year we’re looking to sweeten the pot for the athletes in the ECC.

“Every time you sign up for an individual or team sport your name will be entered into a draw to win a $300 Sport Chek, $200 CO-OP, or $100 Chapters gift card,” Lomenda said.

The more sports you join, the more chances you’ll have to win, and the more chances you’ll have to represent The City at the Calgary Corporate Challenge in September.

The Calgary Corporate Challenge is a professionally run, volunteer driven, Olympic-style event providing exciting, healthy activities for employees in the spirit of fun and friendly competition. The competitions and events take place over two weeks in September.

And before The City competes in September, the ECC is your chance to get together with colleagues, compete, and have fun. The wining team from each event of the ECC will represent The City in September.

Wellness. Together we make it happen.