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February – Heart health

If your heart could talk what would it say?

February is heart month, and we want you to take the time to listen to what your ticker can tell you.

One in three Canadians are at risk for heart disease, and heart disease and stroke are the leading causes of death for Canadian men and women.

We know there’s a lot of numbers when it comes to your health, but in just 20 minutes you can get the numbers that matter most at a health screening clinic, and talk with a registered nurse about changes you can make to improve your overall health. It’s quick, free, and all City employees (with an employee number) can go to to make an appointment at one of the clinics being held at various City facilities.

Can’t make it to a clinic? There are still lots of ways to be heart smart this year.

  • Get moving: There are lots of ways to work physical activity into your day like WOW! fitness classes, taking a break to go for a walk, joining The City’s Active Living Program, or taking a break to stretch no matter if you work outside or in an office.
  • Choose healthy foods: Fill your fridge with simple whole foods that are high in fibre and low in fat, and eat 5 to 10 servings of fruit and vegetables every day. The City’s Employee & Family Assistance (EFAP) provider offers nutritional counselling services to help you start making healthier eating choices today.
  • Get some rest: A good night’s sleep makes sure your mind and body are refreshed and restored.
  • Butt out: It’s hard to quit smoking, but The City’s EFAP provider has resources to help you quit for good at The City’s benefits program also covers smoking cessation drugs to help you butt out.
  • Find balance: Take time for yourself to recharge.

We can all take steps to maintain and improve our health. This February listen to what your ticker can tell you by booking your appointment for a health screening clinic or by making small changes that will take care of your heart - so your heart can take care of you.

Wellness. Together we make it happen.