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November – Do you know the numbers that matter most?

You watch what you eat, exercise a few times a week, get a good night’s sleep, make changes that can help your overall health, but do you really know how healthy you are?

Starting in January, City staff can attend a free health screening clinic to get the numbers that matter most. Your blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol numbers can identify your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

“It only takes 20 minutes for you to get your numbers and talk to a registered nurse about changes you can make to improve your overall health,” said Wellness Coordinator Callie Lomenda. “We’re bringing the clinics to City locations so it’s easy for you to book an appointment and take the time to get your numbers.”

All City of Calgary employees (with an employee number) can go to and sign up for ANY of the clinics at City facilities.

“When we talk about our health there are a lot of numbers, and the first step to a healthier lifestyle is understanding what these numbers mean and how to improve them,” Lomenda said.

20 minutes. That’s all takes for you to find out your numbers and work on a plan to improve and maintain your overall health. So why not book your appointment today at

Wellness. Together we make it happen.