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You vs. the Flu

October – You vs. Flu – stop the flu before it stops you

Flu season is just around the corner, so don’t get stopped in your tracks this year – get a flu shot.

The City offers free flu vaccinations for employees in October and November. The clinics are at numerous City facilities so check out to see where clinics are being held. City staff can go to any clinic location for a flu shot. Or, check out to see where free clinics are being offered for you and your family closer to home.

So what is the flu?

It’s an infection of the nose, throat and lungs and is passed from person to person that lowers the body’s ability to fight other infections.

Coughing, sneezing and face to face contact is one of the main culprits for spreading the flu. Those tiny droplets from coughing and sneezing can reach up to six feet, and live on hard surfaces like door handles and light switches for up to 48 hours.

Sometimes no matter what you do, you end up getting sick. Taking care of yourself is exceptionally important for your own comfort, as well as shortening the duration and severity of the flu.

  1. Get plenty of rest.  Your body is doing everything it possibly can to fight the infection. Rest is essential.
  2. Probability of having a fever is high, so you need to replace the fluids your body is losing to fever. Drink extra fluids to help flush your system.
  3. Moist air from a hot shower, or a sink or a bowl filled with hot water can help clear your stuffy nose.
  4. There are antivirals available by prescription, but they must be started within 48 hours of the start of your symptoms. Non-prescription cold and flu medications are available for relief of symptoms.

Prevention is the key to remaining bug free this year! Don’t forget to check out for prevention tips and the schedule of City of Calgary free flu shot clinics.

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