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Wellness - Health System Review

Human Resources



Health System Review

The Health Systems Review project began a year ago with the purpose of reviewing and examining most aspects of The City’s health system

Why conduct a review of The City’s health system?

We want to strengthen the corporate health system and related programs to create the best possible experience for those in it. At the same time, The City wants to optimize employee well-being and improve its health and wellness outcomes.



​​​​Discovery phase and summary findings

The first phase of our health and wellness review project is now complete. This included:

  • documenting the current state of the system at The City
  • assessing perceived quality
  • reviewing industry best practices and trends

There were many findings from the data gathering phase and these will be used to form recommendations as we move forward this year.

View the summary report

We want to thank everyone who gave their time and knowledge to help us review our current system so we can strengthen and improve it. We invite your comments, questions and suggestions, by contacting the project team at