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Wellness Sessions - Resources - Wellness Library - 2016 February

Human Resources



Wellness sessions resources

Fall resources

September - Sleep

October -  Plan Smart Services™

November - Flu

December - Managing holiday stress

* Homewood Health login is required to view this material. Homewood Health has an online library, interactive tools, assessments and eLearning available to you 24 hours a day seven days a week. If this is your first time logging in you can find registration directions on the EFAP page.  

Summer resources

  1. Homewood Health, our Employee & Family Assistance Provider, offers a diversity of resources.  All it takes to start is a quick sign up on their Homeweb Health and you’re good to go. Once you’re signed in and on the home page, check the Tools tab and the video “Employee/Member Orientation.”  This orientation is about the services offered as part of the Homewood Health Assistance Program.
  2. As follow up to our recent Tear Down the Wall campaign, take a look at these 5 simple ways to help end the stigma around mental illness. Talking is the first step towards meaningful change and building greater awareness, acceptance and action.
  3. At the 2016 Physical Activity Forum, Dr. Guy Faulkner provided an overview of the evidence highlighting the Benefits of Physical Activity to prevent and treat depression. It shows that physical activity is as effective as psychological or pharmacological treatments and is another evidence-based option for patients and treatment providers to consider.
  4. A great way to enjoy the summer is to get out into the garden. Dig into a favourite topic from Alberta Urban Gardening and get growing!
  5. Do you really need 8 glasses of water a day?
  6. Quick, healthy summer recipes.
  7. The amazing benefits of a walking podcast.  After listening to this go for a walk in one of our many Calgary public parks.
  8. View some wonderful videos on how to be safe on your bike this season. And once you feel comfortable on your bike, find out how to use the pool bikes that the City of Calgary provides.

Spring resources

  1. Our benefit provider, Green Shield Canada (GSC), wants to engage you in the management of your day-to-day health. It’s called Change4Life and it’s here to support and reward you. A short video explains how you win points and bid for prizes – all while caring for your health.
  2. Our busy work days sometimes find us not moving away from our desks. Researchers and experts in the field of wellness now classify sitting too much as a major public health concern. The antidote can be as simple as it sounds: Just move.
  3. People who work at their desks all day tend to stay in one position for a long time. There are great, quick exercises designed to counter the effects of sitting at your desk. Start with Stage 1A and work your way to Stage 2C.
  4. If you’re someone who enjoys – or is curious about – the benefits of yoga, there is now “yoga at your desk” or even “yoga at work.” Achieving the positive effects of gentle yoga stretches and movements is something you can do without a mat or Zen tunes!
  5. Homewood Health, our Employee Family Assistance Provider, provides a diversity of resources from personal finances to coping better with shift work. All it takes to start is a quick sign up on their Homeweb page and you’re good to go. Once you’re signed in and on the home page, check the Finances tab and the podcast “Financial Fitness.” On the Lifestyle tab, you’ll find another intriguing podcast, “The Biology of Your Internal Clock.”
  6. If you’re into documentaries and have some after-work time for the lowdown on high sugar consumption, take a look at The Truth about Sugar. It’s an entertaining hour-long production from the BBC that reveals all kinds of sweet secrets.