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Mental health matters

Our mental health plays a significant role in our ability to enjoy a happy and productive life. Mental health is about how we think, feel and behave, so staying mentally healthy and well should be top priority. Mental health covers a wide range of feelings, behaviours, abilities and conditions. One in five Canadians will deal with a mental illness at some time in their life. Even though most mental health issues are treatable, only about one third of people seek help. We can all learn more about how to take good care of our mental health.

Building mental health/mental well being      

2 for 1! The things we can do to keep our bodies in shape and boost our mental health as well:

  • eat a healthy, balanced diet
  • exercise regularly – go for a walk, play with your kids, take the stairs… get active!
  • get a good night's rest; make sure you make time for sleep
  • use healthy coping habits to manage stress
  • know what triggers stress for you and add helpful coping tools to your routine
  • the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) can make a big difference in your life
  • find out about eating well at Canada's Food Guide
  • learn why sleep is important
  • As a City employee, you can take part in Wellness Opportunities at Work (WOW) wellness and fitness programs offered year-round.

What about stress?

Stress is your body's physical, mental and emotional response to change. It is a normal reaction to the demands of life! But being under too much stress can seriously affect your physical and mental well-being.

What's your stress level right now?

Take the Canadian Mental Health Association’s stress test to find out and check out the page to learn more about stress and healthy ways to cope with it on your way to better mental health.

Resources for all employees      

Many resources are available to help give you a better understanding of mental health and how to get help for yourself or someone else.

Employee and Family Assistance (EFAP) services are available free of charge to City employees and their eligible family members, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call Homewood health toll-free 1-800-663-1142 or visit A variety of services are available related to resiliency, stress and managing change and there is also confidential counselling available for specific or more personal or complex issues.

The Employee benefits plan covers counseling sessions with a psychologist/master of social work (extended health level 2 only): maximum of $750/year/dependant (usual and customary fees apply -$140/session for master of social work). To make a claim or confirm what expenses are eligible, you can contact Green Shield Canada or call 1-888-711-1119.