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Diversity & Inclusion

Welcome to Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace!

The City of Calgary draws on the collective strength of experience, skills and perspectives of our diverse workforce to create a positive work environment, deliver great results and produce quality public service for all Calgarians.


By attracting and leveraging a diverse workforce and building an inclusive workplace, The City is stronger, more resilient and a more competitive organization able to  deliver sustainable and quality public service to Calgarians. 

Defining Diversity & Inclusion at The City

These definitions are core to The City of Calgary’s Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace framework and are provided to give everyone a common language and shared understanding of what a diverse workforce and inclusive workplace are:
Diverse workforce
“All the ways in which we differ.” A workforce composed of individuals with unique dimensions of diversity including colour, race, ethnicity, gender, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, work style, communication style, learning preferences and others. Learn more about the various dimensions of diversity.
Inclusive workplace
A positive work environment that welcomes, supports, respects, and values individuals for their differences, perspectives, talents and contributions.

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 A Leader's Story

Read about one of our City leader's diverse experience and career path at The City of Calgary: 

"International Women’s Day (IWD), on March 8th, is a great day to celebrate women and the obstacles they have overcome." Since IWD was celebrated for the first time over 100 years ago, women have come a long way. Women now make up 48 per cent of the workforce and occupy some of the most powerful positions in business and government.

The City of Calgary is a proud supporter of gender equality in the work place and Fleet Services new Director is a great example of that. Jacquie Deitch moved to Fleet 13 years ago, first taking on the role of finance lead, then moving into an operational role as manager of business operations.

Jacquie recalls when she first started at Fleet Services, “I came from The City’s Finance business unit, so there was a certain learning curve about the business itself,” she remembers.

In her earliest days touring the shops, Jacquie was impressed by the breadth of equipment and complexity of the vehicles managed by Fleet. Through the years, Jacquie has learned about the technical aspects of Fleet’s business, and in doing so she has developed a great passion for the business. “Fleet is a fun place to be with lots of challenges and lots to learn,” says Jacquie.

When Jacquie started her career with The City of Calgary, she was a young woman working on her accounting designation. Over the next 28 years she got married, raised two children, got a Certified Management Accountant Degree, became a finance leader, then manager of business services, completed her Masters of Business Administration and is now a director.

“I had great support from my family, friends, co-workers, and leaders at The City,” says Jacquie. 

Working for The City is the perfect match for a determined person, says Jacquie, “I put in the time, and The City provided the learning and opportunities.”

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