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Combined Meeting of Council and Public Hearing Sept. 14-15, 2015

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The Sept. 14 & 15, 2015, Combined Meeting of Council and Public Hearing included:

  1. Sliding Scale Proposal for City of Calgary Subsidy Programs;
  2. 2015 Alberta Community Resilience Project Submissions; and
  3. Land Use Items.

Two time-sensitive items of urgent business were reviewed and approved by Council:

Sliding Scale Proposal for City of Calgary Subsidy Programs

Council approved the proposed use of a sliding scale as a foundation for advocating to other orders of government for subsidy funding support. The goal of a sliding subsidy scale is to align subsidy rates to different levels of income, to extend subsidy benefits beyond the current low income threshold and to provide more affordable fees/fares for those currently receiving subsidies. The approved proposal will be used in the current consultation process for the provincial government’s 2016-2017 budget as The City continues to refine the approach, including an implementation plan and funding framework. An update will be provided through the Community and Protective Services Committee by 2016 July.

2015 Alberta Community Resilience Project Submissions

Council approved the resiliency project list for the 2015 September 30 submission to the Alberta Community Resilience Program. The submission includes a $45 Million funding request to the Province for flood-related mitigation components on eight infrastructure projects.

Land Use Items:

Secondary Suites were approved in the communities of Evergreen, Citadel, Southview, Fairview, Midnapore, Cedarbrae, Huntington Hills, Coral Springs, Forest Heights, Kingsland and Acadia. A suite in the community of Glenbrook was rejected. In addition to secondary suites a number of other land use items were considered. Highlights included:

Wildwood Land Use Amendment / Affordable Housing Application - Bow Trail and 38 Street SW 

Council approved an application by the Office of Land Servicing and Housing (OLSH) to redesignate land at 4012 Bow Trail SW in order to accommodate a multi-residential development including at-grade residential units. In addition to approving the land use Council directed that Transportation conduct a traffic study of the affected area and report back with options for improvement. The land use amendment supports an application to construct a new affordable housing development which will be operated by The Calgary Housing Company.

Downtown West Multi-Residential Building - 7 Ave and 10 Street

Council approved a proposal to redesignate the land use of a parcel on 7 Ave and 10 Street to accommodate a high density, 12 storey multi-residential development containing approximately 66 rental units. The site is well-supported by Transit which is directly adjacent to the Downtown West / Kirby LRT Station and is close to the river pathway system to the north.

Ramsay Multi-Residential Development - 11 St. SE, Southwest of CPR Line

Council reviewed a land use amendment proposal that would support a low rise multi-residential development in Ramsay. Council decided to refer the report so that the applicant can consider increasing the density of the development in light of the recent advancement of the Green Line since the site is less than a block away from a future LRT station.

Beltline High Rise Development

Council approved a land use amendment on the SE corner of 10 Ave. and 1 St. SE. Construction at the site had begun under a previous application but the project stalled in 2008 and has been inactive since that time with only the below grade parkade constructed. The approval of the application supports new plans for a mixed use high rise development consisting of retail, office and residential uses within a single building.

Richmond / Marda Loop Land Use Amendment / Artist's Studio

Council approved a land use redesignation of a residential lot on 33 Ave. in Marda Loop to allow for an artist's studio / art gallery. The single-detached home on the property would be re-purposed for the studio/gallery and the land use redesignation will bring the site into alignment with the Marda Loop Area Redevelopment Plan.

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