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Combined Meeting of Council and Public Hearing Apr. 11, 2016

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The Apr. 11, 2016, Combined Meeting of Council and Public Hearing included:

Policy Amendment and Land Use Amendment in Chinatown

Council referred this item to the December 5, 2016, Combined Public Hearing Council Meeting. This report proposes changes to the Chinatown Area Redevelopment Plan.

Land Use items:

A total of 21 Secondary suites were approved including suites in the communities of Glamorgan, Scenic Acres, Acadia, Deer Run and Citadel. In addition to secondary suites a number of other land use items were considered. Highlights included:

City Wide Policy and Land Use Amendment

Council approved the addition of low density mixed housing districts to the Land Use Bylaw to support Municipal Development Plan goals. This new district provides a more streamlined approach to achieve housing diversity in new low density neighbourhoods; makes it easier to respond to evolving market demand over time since a wide range of housing is allowed; reduces the need for direct control districts; and simplifies the planning process by offering a single land use district.

Municipal Naming, Sponshorship and Naming Rights Policy

Council approved the new Municipal Naming, Sponsorship and Naming Rights Policy. This new policy consolidated three existing Council policies and clarifies governance, accountability and authority as well as streamlines the administrative process protocols.

RouteAhead Update

Council received a status update on RouteAhead, the 30-year Plan for Transit in Calgary. Key elements of this update included information on the progress of infrastructure development, operational updates, and a scan of the changing landscape for public transit.

Affordable Housing - Community Housing Affordability Collective

Council received an update on the Community Housing Affordability Collective (CHAC). The update included CHAC’s terms of reference and a prioritized action plan that will be led by multiple participant organizations. City Administration supports this initiative and will participate as a member of the Collective and Steering Committee, enabling The City to benefit from the relationships developed through these community partnerships.


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