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Community & Protective Services Committee Apr. 6, 2016

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The Apr. 6, 2016, Community and Protective Services Committee meeting included:

Proposed 2016 Special Tax Bylaw – Edgemont

The Standing Policy Committee on Community and Protective Services amended and approved Administration recommendations for Council to give three readings of the proposed special tax bylaw for the community of Edgemont in order to provide enhanced maintenance for the community’s streets and parks. This special tax process was created in 1996 to provide a self-funded mechanism for communities to request, and pay for, enhanced mowing and trimming, tree well and shrub bed maintenance, perennial and annual flowers, litter control and snow removal. Administration provided information that minimum standard of community support had been met, via petition. Individuals from the community presented supporting and opposing views and submissions on the proposed bylaw. In addition to the existing recommendation that the report be received by Council as urgent business for its 2016 April 11 meeting, the SPC added that submissions received from community members be attached to the report prior to being forwarded to Council. Further, the SPC directed Administration to engage both community groups and use the Edgemont Case Study in the Calgary Parks-led Enhanced Maintenance Program Review.

Cultural Municipal Sustainability Initiative Program: Update and Recommended Projects

The Standing Policy Committee recommended that Council approve a capital appropriation increase to support three projects that are ready to be built, or redeveloped immediately, along with Administration’s recommendations to guide the allocation of funds. In consultation with Calgary Arts Development Authority (CADA), Administration identified the following three projects: Centennial Planetarium; Treasures of China, Calgary Zoo; and the King Edward School Arts Incubator. Together, these projects represent a total of $34.15 million in requested allocations from the Cultural Municipal Sustainability Initiative (CMSI) out of the $71 million CMSI funds remaining, subject to approval by the Government of Alberta. In 2008, Council approved $165 million (a 5 per cent allocation) of Municipal Sustainability Initiative funds towards culture-related infrastructure requirements. Additionally, Administration’s recommendations were informed by the community engagement undertaken for CADA’s Living a Creative Life: an Arts Development Strategy for Calgary and The City Cultural Plan, now in development.

Clearwater Park Development Plan

The Standing Policy Committee recommended that Council receive for information the Clearwater Park Development Plan. Additionally, the SPC recommended that Council approve the Clearwater Park Preferred Concept Plan as urgent business at the 2016 April 11 Council meeting. The City acquired the Clearwater Park site in 1979 in order to promote the preservation of unique habitats and recreation opportunities along the Elbow River near the western edge of The City. An in-camera discussion around Report LAS2015-52 at the 2016 January 11 Council meeting led to a request for Administration to further clarify the proposed development phasing of Clearwater Park and how the Southwest Calgary Ring Road will impact the park. This report addresses these two requests for information and also provides further detail on the plans for a constructed wetland within the development


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