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Community & Protective Services Committee Nov. 2, 2016

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The Nov. 2, 2016, Community and Protective Services Committee meeting included:

Business Revitalization Zones (BRZs) – Board Governance and Legislative Changes

The committee accepted Administration’s recommendation that Council give three readings to the seven proposed bylaw amendments. Previously, Council directed Administration to align The City’s BRZ bylaws with changes in provincial legislative requirements, as well as current practices of BRZs with respect to governance. Following engagement with the BRZs, Administration proposed multiple amendments to six of the 11 BRZ bylaws and one minor amendment to one of the BRZ bylaws.

Community Standards Bylaw Review

The committee recommended that Council give three readings to the proposed bylaw amendments. The Community Standards Bylaw (CSB) 5M2004 regulates neighbourhood nuisances, safety and liveability issues. The bylaw is used to promote and strengthen community standards through education, voluntary compliance and enforcement, and addresses community concerns such as noise, fire pits, untidy properties, long weeds and grass, graffiti and nuisances including unwanted flyers.

Action Plan 2015-2018 identified a need to conduct a review of the CSB to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of citizens. Research and engagement with citizens showed that for the most part, the provisions in the CSB are working; however, some areas were identified for improvement including citizen concerns related to outdoor concert bass sound levels, wood-burning fire pits, upkeep of properties and delivery of unwanted items such as flyers to homes with “no junk mail” signs. Administration also identified housekeeping amendments to make the bylaw easier to understand and use.

Cultural Plan for Calgary

The committee received the report for information, and approved that the Cultural Plan be adopted in principle for Calgary. Administration is directed to implement the ten priority actions outlined in the plan within existing budgets, with key initiatives to be incorporated into the 2019-2022 business plans and budgets for future Council consideration. Administration was also directed to develop a governance model that includes key external partners, along with a comprehensive implementation plan and detailed outcome measures. Furthermore, Administration is to integrate “planning culturally” throughout all business units. Council will be updated on the plan’s implementation through the SPC on Community and Protective Services no later than Q4 of 2017.

The Cultural Plan provides a roadmap to meet the cultural aspirations of Calgarians. Citizens were engaged over 10 months, and expressed how they want to see Calgary develop into a city recognized as a connected, exciting, cosmopolitan, cultural center that maximizes its cultural resources.

Calgary Parks Enhanced Horticulture Evaluation

The committee recommended that Council receive this report as an item of urgent business for the Nov. 7, 2016, Council meeting. The committee also recommended that Council direct Administration to continue the banner / flower pilot program to further explore modest floral horticultural improvements in local parks and open spaces city-wide.

Calgary Parks has offered communities a process to request enhanced landscape maintenance in their parks and green spaces since 1996. While several have chosen to become part of that program, a majority of Calgary communities have not. Following a detailed investigation, the notable difference between standard city maintenance levels versus enhanced maintenance levels is most obvious around the horticultural program. All enhanced communities spend a significant percentage of their additional enhancement funds on flowers.

Calgary Parks proposed to expand the current Canada 150 banner / flower pilot program with a focus on community horticulture for an additional two years. Following completion of the pilot program, Calgary Parks will perform analysis of the costs and successes to determine potential future application city-wide. Calgary Parks would like to explore opportunities to fulfill the desire for increased amounts of flowers in communities in a fiscally responsible manner. Expanding the current Canada 150 banner / flower pilot program around horticulture to additional communities, including the This Is My Neighbourhood program, will allow for further analysis of the pilot program. Lessons learned, public feedback and costs collected during the additional two year pilot will inform decisions around possible expansion to all Calgary communities in the future.


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